Frequently Asked Questions

What are the listing features?

As you can see's listings are rich with lot of new features. Most of them are available for the first time in Kuwait. Let us explain some of them in detail;

  • Offers Offers: This menu shows any offers listing owner/business might have for you.
  • Images Images: This menu shows any images/photos listing owner/business might have uploaded. This could be product images or actual photos related to business
  • Documents Documents: This menu shows any files listing owner/business might have uploaded. This could be product brochures, pricelists, special promotion leaflets or articles related to business.
  • Send Message Send Message: Use this to send email to the business / listing owner. We have scripted this so that email address is not displayed anywhere, but still you are able to directly contact them. It is further protected by security code (captcha) to avoid as much spam as possible.
  • Visit Website Visit Website: Use this to visit the listing's website. Hovering over this will show a snapshot of the website. By default it opens in a lightbox from within the listing page and if you prefer to open the site in a new window, please click Visit Website on the side. We have also provided the page rank of the website like this Page Rank for your information.
  • Add review Add Review (requires login): Once found and tried the business, please come back and leave an honest review by clicking this menu. You will be making a better information source for everyone in your community just as they are for you.
  • Reviews View Reiview: By clicking this menu you can read the reviews other people had written about this business.
  • Route Find Route (only available on paid listings): By clicking this menu you can find route or directions to reach the business from a starting point you define by clicking on the map. You will be given turn by turn directions of the route, which you can take a printout and hit the road. You can also do a helicopter flight simulation of entire route.
  • video View Video (only available on paid listings): This menu shows any video files listing owner/business might have uploaded to This could be short advertisement, product promotions, company profiles, product demos or any other videos related to business.
  • Print Print: Once found the business you were looking for, you might want to take a printout with all available details.
  • Email Friend Email Friend: Using this menu you can send the listing information to your friend by email.
  • Download PDF Download PDF: Using this menu you can download the the listing information to your computer as a PDF file.
  • vCard vCard: Using this menu you can download the essential conatct details of the business in vCard format to save directly to your PIM like microsoft outlook.
  • Bookmark Add to Favorites (requires login): Using this menu you can bookmark various listing pages for future review or for making your online address book of favorite businesses around your locality.
  • Suggest Make a Suggestion (requires login): Do you know this business? Do you have any more information about this business? Is any information provided here is incorrect? If yes, then you can contribute to the community by providing those information using this menu. We will correct it.
  • claim Claim Listing (requires login): Are you the owner of this listing? Do you work there? Do you want to protect/enhance your identity? if yes using this menu you can claim the ownership of the lsiting. After verification we will hand over the admin authority to you.
  • report abuse Report Listing Abuse: If you find the details /images/ videos displayed in the listing page not appropriate for genereal public or if you feel that the site is abused by any way, please be kind enough to report it to us we surely act on that.
  • add this Bookmark and Share: If you find a good listings you want to bookmark or share we have provided you with the right tool "Addthis button" now you have access to the most popular social networks and bookmarking destinations like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and many more.