Frequently Asked Questions

Explain Control Panel features, Please.

Once you have logged in, on your left side you can see a menu panel containing the following:

  • Account Summary: Shows a summary of your account.
  • View/Edit Account: This is very important, If you are registering as a business owner we encourage you to fill up the details here as it is required to appear in the invoices.
  • Favorites: Shows the listings you have bookmarked using Bookmark Add to Favorites link appears on listings side panel.
  • Listings: Shows the listings you have created, or successfully claimed.
  • Orders: Shows the details of orders you have placed
  • Invoices: Shows the details of Invoices, paid or unpaid
  • Advertise: Click here to add a new order/new listing
  • Directory Home: Click here to goto Directory homepage
  • Logout: Logs you out of your account