Frequently Asked Questions

How do I advertise my Business?

Let us assume you are already logged in and you are on 'My Account' page. Please click on 'Advertise' Link. Select the Product/Membership you require (hope by now you have compared the different product/memberships in compare page.), click 'Submit'.

You can also reach here by clicking on the 'Advertise' link from the horizontal menu bar on top of the site which will take you to the compare page, once you have chosen the right product after considering all the features click ,b>'Order Now' link at the bottom of comparison page.

  • Select Primary Classification of your business. This is simply the main category for the listing. This is used to determine the bread crumb shown on the listing page. Find the category that best describes your business. You can click on the plus to see sub categories. Select one by putting a dot in the circle next to the category.
  • Click 'Submit'.

  • Enter the business name as 'Title'.
  • Search Engine friendly URL will be automatically suggested by system
  • You may select as many Categories related to your business as allowed by the product you have selected in the first step
  • You may enter a Short Description about your business here. this will appear in the search results and 'featured listings' in the side
  • Please enter a detailed Description about your business. You may use the html editor to spice-up the description using colours and different font sizes/styles. To enter the html click 'source' in the menu bar. This will be displayed in the main listing page under the contact details.
  • Please enter the Keywords related to your business here. Keep in mind your potential clients uses these keywords to find you in the wordwide web. You may add or delete the keywords later any number of times as your business evolves. Use a comma between keywords to separate them. Example: Fitness center, yoga class, nameofthebusiness
  • Meta Description and Meta Keywords we suggest you to leave it blank, if you aren't sure whate exactly these are. Because the script will be using META information for listings depending on the current information available for a listing in the following order.
    1. META information entered directly on the listing on the listing submission and edit form.
    2. If no META information exists for a listing it will use the listing's short description for the META description and the listing's keywords as the META keywords.
    3. If nothing is entered for the short description or keywords for a listing the META description and keywords will default to the listing title, categories, and location.
  • Please enter your 8 digit Phone number. If you are entering more than one phone number, please separate them with a single space
  • Please enter the first line of your postal address here in the following format 'P.O Box: xxxxx'.
  • Please enter your postal area as the second line of your postal address here.
  • Please select you physical Location (Area) of your business. Please note that this information helps others to find you based on location search.
  • Location text 1: you may enter the name of the building and/or street name here.
  • Enter the 'Zip code' from your postal address here
  • Enter the Latitude and Longitude information. If you don't have this inforation enter '29.2' for latitude and '48.0' for longitude and then just click on 'Select Coordinates' link which will open a pop-up google map centered on Kuwait. Double click on the map to zoom to your exact location, you may use zoom and pan tools in the popup window as required. Once you have placed the marker by double clicking on the exact location of your business, the data in the corresponding coordinates fields will automatically get updated. You may close the pop-up window to return to the form. Please note that if you stop this halfway before finding your exact location, please change both the values to 0.00. This will make sure map with wrong location won't be shown in your listing page.
  • Enter your Website address in full as shown in this Example:
  • Enter your Email address here. Unlike other directory websites in Kuwait, We guarantee your email won't be displayed in the public domain exposing your inbox to get spammed. We do this by scripting and automatic crawlers & email harvesters won't be able to steal your email address from our site.
  • Enter your 8 digit Fax number. If you are entering more than one phone number, please separate them with a single space.
  • Enter the Agencies/Brands you represent here. This is helpful when a visitor uses the advanced search based on agencies/brands
  • Please choose whether you want to show the route options in the listing page.
  • Please enter your business 'Activities' which will be displayed in the listing page. Also please note that this field is searchable in advanced search
  • If you have uploaded a short Promotional Video file to, please enter that video id (which you will get from the browser's address bar when you are playing that video) here.
    For example HVxsbb1lDsQ from the URL this video will be played with a lightbox effect when the visitor clicks on the video View Video link (only available on premium listings).
  • Please upload your business Logo here. Allowed file formats: jpg,gif,png. Max size is 300x300. This will be dispayed in the listing page and a thumpnail version will be shown in the search results. The image should comply with the ethical standards of the portals terms and conditions
  • Click 'Submit'
  • Payment (if required)
  • Depending on whether you've selected free or paid memberships you will be presented with payment options. You may use VISA/ MasterCard/ American Express Credit cards or If you have Paypal account, you may use that to pay. If you don't want to make online payment you may choose Offline Payment and contact us for arranging the payment for completing the order.
  • Once the payment is verified and confirmed, your listing will be publicly available