Free Direction Service By

Free Direction Service By
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Visit To Mark the location of your business/ event in the Google Map.

If you are using latest W3C compliant browsers like Firefox or using Google Gears, we will try to determine and suggest your current location. If not you may find it yourself by double clicking to zoom, then click and/or drag the marker to your business' or event's exact location... Then click the button to get the url of the custom made direction webpage for your Business / Event. If you provide the website then it will back link to your site from the directions page.

You have many option to share the newly created custom made direction webpage.

  • You may copy the short url and share it. This url is a permanent one according to
  • You may copy the QR code image and publish it as you want it.
  • The best method is to copy the given html code and insert in your html signature, emails, or your website's Contact page to get the different buttons given there. (Only the route icon/button will be visible to your visitors. 

Once the visitor clicks the button he/she will be take to the custom made directions page were your location is preset as the destination. Visitor has the option to select the starting point and get the route description by clicking "calculate Route" button. If the Route is not available with Google, click Navteq button which will give you the route where Google has not yet started the direction service.

Please not that is a Global site which can be used anywhere and everywhere

Helping you to reach where you wanna reach!!!

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