Say No to Phonebooks

When was the last time you used a printed phonebook?

It is high time we should stop the use of printed phonebooks. Help the future generation by avoiding deforestation as much as possible. together with team has started a successful campaign in this regard.

"TELEPHONE books are obsolete in the digital age and should be available only to people who request them, environmentalists are urging."

Seriously, when was the last time you really used a printed phonebook? Not in near past for sure! Believe us! these are the things of past. Indeed it had glory days when we couldn't live without it, then came search engines and free online directories. Sadly enough almost 75% of consumers are completely unaware of the environmental and financial impact in printing, delivering and recycling these books.

Given that you likely use online directories, social networks and mobile phone applications to find the contact information you need, it simply does not make sense to have these heavy phone books printed in this digital age.

Those sales reps for the various phonebooks across the country must be good at what they do.  After all, they continue selling ad space that's worth less and less every year.  It also seems like a very odd model to us. Their "customer base" always remains steady since everyone gets a copy of the directory.  Do any of these paying advertisers ever hold The Directory Company accountable for results though?  Is there a Google Analytics equivalent in the offline/print world?  If so, it's got to be showing ugly, declining results.